Herdim U-Shaped Crack Clamp,
Jaw Depth 55 mm


4本のネジと上下、左右に動く先端のシリコンパッドで、曲がった面や、カーブ面などにできたクラックでも確実に捉えて完璧な修理が可能です。パッド間の距離も アルミの先端ネジである程度の調整も出来ます。
The 4-screw system can be adjusted to any geometry of any crack. Even cracks which are significantly deformed can be brought back together by this versatile tool. Rubber padded plates and silicone pads (No. 820068 not included) enable use even on very delicate varnished surfaces without damage. Four different depths can serve and work at any crack position on either top or back plate. Will efficiently work with other Herdim crack clamps.
 MaterialBody:    aluminium
 Screws:        brass
 Jaw depth      55 mm
 Jaw opening     10 mm
Made in Germany by Herdim

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